To write my first blog well, I just spent the last two hours trolling the internet watching Jennifer Lawrence, she’s adorable, looking for my former blog.  I didn’t find it until just now two plus hours later to find that I didn’t really write anything of value.  So watch out here comes value. 

Meaning, as my dear brother said, stick to what you know… not writing.  I’ll show him.  I’ve spent my life so far trying to show him.  But I’ll try to do this in a civilized way, not with physical force, but with words.  My best words are written in pen, so writing on the computer moves things in a different fashion.  When I’ve got a few cups of coffee in me and I’ve got something to say, then things are really interesting.

So right now, a hearty hello and welcome to my new web site. 

Thanks Rotimi for making it and here we go off to this new chapter where things are much more put together than they’ve been for awhile.

I’m painting potions, urns and Oceans of Oregon.  I’m off to Oregon on Tuesday. Yes as in the first day you’ll be able to read this because that’s what is special about the internet.  I can be flying on a plane and this can land in your in box.

Next time I’ll write you about my paintings.